Anchor Bolts for Bolt Down Sockets /plates

anchor bolts to fix bolt down anchor sockets /plates DELIVERY NOT INCLUDED
Manufacturer: Funtec
SKU: 111213
£13.37 excl tax

To fix all ground sleeves or base plates that require bolting down you require 4 composite anchors.

The extra-strong composite anchor is made of stainless steel VA4 and have a M16 thread.

The composite anchor consists of the anchor rod and the VA4 resin, hardeners and additives.

This is a proven anchor system and uses the expansion pressure of the resin to allow the attachment of heavy loads, even at small edge spacing in non-cracked concrete.


  •     Anchor rods with external hex for easy and fast assembly
  •     Sealed borehole
  •     Can be used in dry and wet concrete