County Concrete Ditch Channel

Heavy duty concrete Bowling green ditch incorporating a forward sloping back face to deflect woods into the ditch conforming with Bowls England "Laws" Priced per 156m long set including four corners DELIVERY NOT INCLUDED £POA average £500 per set
£7,800.00 incl tax

Designed with a forward sloping back face to conform with EBA "Laws" and as an answer to the "firing game".

A solid reinforced concrete unit  

Straight units are 600mm long weighing 52kg each.The corner units are 90kg. The top edge is 40mm wide providing a solid stepping surface.

The ditch channel is 300mm (12ins) wide internally at the base yet narrower at the top making stepping on and off the green easier.

Protective artificial grass ditch facing can be fitted to the impact face using adhesives.

Alternatively or additionally  bowls bumpers or wooden battens can be fitted if required using the predrilled holes with plugs and screws.

(Delivery charged dependent on location please call for information)

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