County GRC Ditch Channel

Glass Reinforced Cement light weight Ditch Channel units with forward sloping rear face. Pricing shown is for 156m long and four corner units DELIVERY is NOT included but is on average £500.00 per load.
£10,200.00 incl tax

Similar in shape to the county concrete but made of lighter weight easier to handle and quicker to install Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC),

Each straight unit is 1.2m (4ft) long meaning fewer units per green? 

A thin vertical front edge allows easy positioning of the unit against existing concrete or metal green edges with minimal damage to the green edge.

OGEE – M & F interlocking joints at the end of each unit and vertical buttresses’ at the rear add to the strength and stability.

We donot recomend laying tarmac behind these ditches and caution should be excercised not to over compact the back fill behind the ditches or structural damage may occur.

The weight of each unit is 42kg. The ditch channel is 305mm (12ins) wide internally at the base narrower at the top. The top edge is 70mm wide. Rear (impact) face bowls protection is required.

Purpose made corner units are included.

(Delivery charged bsed on location please call for information)

View Ditch Diagram

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