Greensiron 6200

developed specially for bowling greens, a self propelled finishing roller giving faster, smoother flatter greens with out causing over compaction
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Extra long Greesiron developed specially for bowling greens.

Comes complete with a detatchable trolley to allow movement around the green, to store. or to transport to other sites by trailor.

Driven by a reliable honda petrol engine, light and easy to operate with reliable and maintenance free hydrostatic drive.

Your green can be rolled iquickly and easily n approx 15minutes

Irons the surface to remove minor bumps and lumps that slow the woods,  

Allows the grass to be cut slightly longer whilst still acheiving a fast green speed. this creates less stress on the grass meaning it

remains healthier and easier to maintain.

We have sold this reliable and well built machine in the UK for over 10 years.

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