Kevlar Tensioning Cable for Fixed Posts

Replacement stretch cord made from Kevlar for portable systems DELIVERY NOT INCLUDED
Manufacturer: Funtec
SKU: 111421
£26.02 incl tax

Replacement stretch cord made from Kevlar for Pro Beach networks for fixed post systems.

The replacement of a tensioning cable is easiest if you attach the end of the old (defective) tensioning cable to the new cable.  Then pull the old cable the new Kevlar rope gently into the network edge into it.

We provide you with the Kevlar rope on one side with a "pointed" end.  This means that only one side of a loop is already attached. The other end is not made up, it is pointed.  This pointed end by pulling the network edge nodes and then simply add a new loop.

Available for 8.5m and 9.5m wide systems.

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