Outdoor Tennis court installationWhether - private garden, local authority or sports club, ALC builds tennis courts to the highest standards.

Various surfaces and fence types are available to suit the proposed use and budget.

Porous Macadam (Hard Courts)

Available in natural black or coloured with acrylic/polyurethane sports paint finish. The ideal budget surface suitable for all levels of play or for multi-purpose use with netball and basketball.

Artificial Grass Tennis Courts

Available in a range of pile heights, densities and colours. Artificial grass provides an attractive, friendly surface, closer in play dynamics to natural grass. Some shock absorbency and natural slip occurs during play which can reduceOutdoor Tennis court installation body stress and fatigue.

Multi-sport use with football and general training at lower levels is possible.

Imitation clay tennis surfaces are also available giving clay like playing characteristics without the difficult maintenance normally associated with these surfaces.